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   Community Development Corporation, Inc.

240 Candler Road, SE, Atlanta, Georgia 30317


The SP CDC purpose is to implement community services in the housing sector ensuring decent and affordable housing opportunities that address a wide range of community development and economic needs.  The programs also provide human services through training low to moderate income individuals in our communities in the rising energy industry and jobs creation sector.  As well as providing mentoring to youth in preparation for job readiness and experiences.


CDC Programs

1. Down Payment Assistance -  Home purchasing funds are available up to the amounts of $8000. 

               a.  1st Time Homebuyers 

               b.  Financing Opportunities

               c.  HUD Title Loans

               d.  203k


2.  Land-Bank Program Partnership -  the CDC to acquire and redevelop or demolish property that might otherwise become sources of abandonment and blight within the communities.


3.  Neighborhood Stabilization Program -  any foreclosed, distressed and abandon properties in alignment with LBP and within SP CDC neighboring communities.


4.  Homeownership and Repair Program -  targeting Senior Citizens and the disabled.  Components; weatherization, heating and plumbing, energy efficiency.


5.  Renewable Energy and Green Program -  training and workforce development.


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Saint Philip Community Development Corporation is a 501(c)3.  Donations are accepted.