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    We know how to sing about church. We know how to pray for the church. We know how to preach about the church. We know how to express our faith and belief in the church. We know how to write about the church in both poetry and prose. We know how to study, research, and analyze the church. We know how to quote the Bible regarding the church. We know how to organize and structure churches. We know how to do everything but live out the implications of the gospel as the church. Even after all this time and experience in doing church, we still don't know how to do church, live the church and be the church very well. Doing Church: We have drawn together some of the best minds and practitioners of our time who have established themselves as imperfectly proficient in doing church. While none of our contributors are perfect, each has impeccable credentials, credibility, and a proven track record in the areas in which they have written. We are hopeful that you as a reader will appreciate both their personal and transparent writing style as well as their authoritative and academic contributions.



Preparing Joshua offers lessons learned from over 40 years of ministry experience to those who serve in church leadership. In his usual pastoral style, Watley mentors an emerging generation of leaders by providing key insights for leadership development and candidly addressing the practical issues of leadership transition, succession, handling financial responsibilities, and personal attacks. While this work has particular significance for those who serve the Church, its lesson will benefit those who lead in any organization setting.



God has a vision for our lives that is greater than any vision we can have for ourselves. However many persons are not walking in the vision God has for their lives or living to their maximum capacity because of financial issues. Many Person still struggle with financial bondage and management. Salvation and deliverance from a number of other demons and issues does not necessarily mean that people have proper understanding or theology or money or that they know how to manage it. The messages in this book address the critical need of a number of persons who need information, insight, inspiration as well as guidance and encouragement as they approach the reality of money and how to manage it.