Module 7

STEWARDSHIP: Christian Stewardship and Tithing


To introduce students to the role that Christian stewardship and tithing plays in the life of a Christian; that stewardship is taught in the Bible; and to understand that stewardship is manifested through our time, talent, and treasure.

Students will learn that tithing is giving a tenth of your income as an offering back to God, and will understand that stewardship is the appropriate use of all of God's resources.

Scriptural references:


11 Corinthians 9:1‑15

Luke 6:38


Review Questions:

1. What is stewardship? What is tithing? *
2. Why do we tithe? *
3. Why is giving important? *
4. How do we begin to tithe? *
5. What is the difference between tithes and offerings? *
6. What is Incremental Giving? *
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Next Reading Assignment: Read pages 49-54 in your New Life Ministries Manual.

Homework/Exercise: If you are a tither, please pray and ask God to help you follow our 10-10-80 plan; If you are working towards tithing, please pray and ask God to help you commit to tithing.  Please start to review pages 56 - 74 in the New Life Ministries Manual and the additional information on tithing.

Additional Tithing Resources:  10 Steps to Financial Freedom, Less than Tipping - 25 Reasons to Tithe. (by Reverend William D. Watley, Ph.D.)