Module 6

EDUCATION:  The Articles of Religion


To understand the basic doctrines of the Methodist Church, and how these articles of faith developed and guide us.


Students will learn how the Articles of Religion agree with the overall understanding of our Church and our faith through the appreciation of its historical significance.

 Review Questions:

1. Where did the Articles of Religion come from? *
2. Why do we have the Articles of Religion? *
3. Are the Articles of Religion similar to the Apostles' Creed? *
4. Are they also similar to the General Confession? *
5. Are there any other doctrines in the Methodist Church that are important? *
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Next Reading Assignment: Read pages 43 – 48 in your New Life Ministries Manual

Homework/Exercise: Read an article of religion first from the New Life Ministries Manual then from the Know Your Church Manual.  Repeat this until you have read through all 25 Articles of Religion. After reading through the Articles of Religion, take the pop quiz to further support your understanding of the articles. For the next six days, meditate on the scriptures on page 44 of the New Life Ministries Manual where it reads meditation scriptures.