Module 2

SPIRITUALITY: Prayer Communication with God


The purpose of this session is to introduce students to prayer as an important part of the life of a Christian, because Jesus prayed; to present prayer as communication with God.

For students to develop an active prayer life; to include prayer as a part of one's daily activities; to become intercessors; and use a prayer diary or journal.

Scriptural References:


John 14:13, 14

1 Thessalonians. 5:17, 18

John 16:23, 24

Timothy 4:2

Matthew 21:22

Mark 9:29

James 5:16




Review Questions:

1. What is prayer? *
2. Who can pray? *
3. To whom do we pray? *
4. Why are we to pray? *
5. When should we pray? *
6. What should be included in prayer? *
7. What are the types of prayer? *
8. Why is prayer so important in the life of the Church? *
9. What is the model Prayer? *
10. Why is it called the model prayer? *
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Next Reading Assignment: Read pages 14 – 17 in your New Life Ministries Manual

Homework/Exercise: For one week, pray at the same time everyday and journal.