New Life Ministries Modules Overview

1st Module

Introduction and Overview

Spirituality—this unit will focus on the basic spiritual disciplines that promote spiritual growth and maturity

  • Basic Concepts of Faith


2nd Module

  • Prayer and Communication with God (Includes Prayer and Fasting)


3rd Module

Education—this unit will provide basic information about the Bible and what we believe

  • Tool & Techniques—provide basic Bible information


4th Module

  • History and Structure of the AME Church
  • History and Introduction to the Local AME Church (Saint Philip AME)


5th Module

  • Apostles Creed/General Confession/Decalogue (Refer to General Confession location in Bulletin)
  • Affirmation of Faith


6th Module

  • Articles of Religion

7th Module

Stewardship—this unit will explore the totality of stewardship (body as God’s temple, time, talent, tithes, and offerings).  The guiding principles for developing this section will be:

God is the owner and we are the stewards

The Lordship of Jesus over all areas of our lives

  • Christian Stewardship & Tithing


8th Module

Service—this unit will explore our local and denominational ministry (service) with an eye toward getting people connected to a ministry

  • The Ministries of Saint Philip AME Church


Evangelism—this unit will help students to understand that witnessing and evangelism is the responsibility and commission of all Christians and equip them to fulfill this responsibility

  • How to Lead a Person to Christ
  • Each One Reach One