How did I get here?

This will take you to the “Welcome to Saint Philip Sign in Screen, click on “need a
login? Click here.” This will take you to an Account sign up screen and you will be
asked to enter your email address and your name. Then click on the “Find me” tab and
continue to next step.
A user name and password will be emailed to you immediately; After you get your user
name and password then go ahead and sign in on the “please login” side of the welcome
screen. It will ask you to reset your password to something more personal. [Note your
password has to be more than 6 letters or numbers]
[Note: If, the system will not find you then go back to instructions in step 2. Instead of
clicking on the Members Online Giving tab, click the Visitors Online Giving tab.




Then click “need a login”; this will take you to the “create a login screen”.
After you enter your personal information, click “continue” and you are ready to give.
Follow the instructions on the screen. You can give by debit or credit card or you can
enter your banking information to give by check.
If you are a member and you had to use the visitors tab to give, please email us at and we will contact you.