How did I get here?


Rev. William D. Watley, Ph.D.

Senior Pastor

(404) 371-0749


Rev. Priscilla Adams

Pastoral Care Minister


Mrs. Izetta Allen

Bookstore Manager


Ms. Janice Armstrong

Office Assistant


Ms. Rosie Austin

Office Manager


Ms. Jamila Brown

Accounting Assistant


Chef Mark Brown

Executive Chef


Mr. Timothy Conner

Facilities Manager


Mr. Kenny Ferguson

Security Manager


Ms. Ella Harley

Director of Media/Social Media


Ms. Felicia Kennedy

Pastor's Executive Assistant


Mr. Karl McCray

Chief Of Staff


Mr. Ray King

Youth/Young Adult Minister


Mrs. L'Tanya Moore-Copeland

Director of Worship & Arts


Rev. Dr. Roy Jones, Jr.

Executive Minister


Mrs. Cynthia Phillips

Office Assistant/Events


Ms. L'Tarra Moore

Office Assistant


Mrs. Minnie Storey



Mrs. Venus Stevens

Church Business Administrator


Ms. Veola Walker

Child Development Center Director


 Ms. Christine Waters