The Young Adult Ministry (YAM) is one of eighteen ministries in action at Saint Philip A.M.E Church. Providing opportunities for members to learn and apply basic principles of Christianity, as taught by Jesus Christ, for the enrichment of the individual, the Church and the community is the mission to which the ministry is dedicated.

YAM IS: A group of young adults united by the love of Christ and our intent to grow closer to God. Individually, we are at many different places in our lives. Collectively, we are strengthened by our diversity. We are bound by our desire to share our gifts with each other, our families, our communities and our world. We gather together to experience God’s presence through relationships, spiritual growth and personal growth.

To develop an annual action plan for the purpose of:

  1. Strengthening the Young Adult Ministry

  2. Expanding the role of Young Adults at Saint Philip A.M.E. Church.

  3. Providing a vehicle for the continued growth of Saint Philip A.M.E. Church.


The Young Adult Ministry serves as a vehicle in developing young adult members into positive Christian leaders in the African Methodist Episcopal Church while providing an opportunity to serve the church, the community and God.


It is our goal to encourage one another to lead balanced lives by providing opportunities for leadership, fellowship, stewardship, and Christian education.


  1. To minister to the individual, spiritual, emotional and mental needs of the young adults within the Saint Philip family and the surrounding community.
  2. To assist in executing the mission of the Action Ministry Center.

  3. To reach beyond the circle of Saint Philip and minister wherever a need exists among people, particularly in the surrounding community, in order to strengthen the ties between the church and community.

  4. To increase knowledge of God and His relationship with mankind by encouraging 100% YAM member attendance in Sunday School and Bible Study.

  5. To help meet the financial needs of the Church more adequately by encouraging stewardship, tithing and commitment on a consistent basis.

  6. To become actively involved in the A.M.E. church; thereby, becoming more knowledgeable of its mission and purpose.

  7. To continue to carry out the spirit of the Free African Society through programs and activities designed to raise the consciousness of members to higher levels of knowledge, progress and independence.

  8. To provide a network of support to other Saint Philip auxiliaries, organizations and ministries.

  9. To act as role models for young people by establishing closer relationships with them and assisting in activities specifically designed to meet their unique needs.

  10. To increase membership so that others may benefit from the Christian education, fellowship and outreach of YAM.

"Young Adults United In Christ”

The Young Adult Ministry Meets on the Third Monday of each month at 7:00 p.m. at the church. From time to time, the meetings may be scheduled off-campus to promote a spirit of fellowship in a different environment. Members will be informed by phone and/or email of any changes to the meeting date, time or location.