Missionary Society

The Women's Missionary Society of the African Methodist Episcopal Church, endeavors to make possible opportunities and resources to meet the changing needs and concerns of people throughout the world, and offers a fellowship so strong, a message so convincing and so enthusiastically contagious, that the gospel through them will be at work in the world.

At Saint Philip, the Missionary Society is named for our First Lady, Mrs. Nettie Lewis Moore. The Nettie Lewis Moore Women's Missionary Society has several units including, One Church, One Child, The Prison Ministry, and The Aids Help Ministry.

Unit One: The Adoption Unit
Purpose: Match members interested in adopting a child with children who are available for adoption. Visit the sick and shut-in at local hospital and nursing homes.

Unit Two: Communication and Survival Skills
Purpose: Tutor adults who want to improve their reading skills. Assist seniors citizens with cumbersome paperwork and prepare Pre-GED scholar.

Unit Three: Clothes Closet
Purpose: Collect pre-owned clothing and distribute to needy families. Share with other clothing shelters.

Unit Four: Prison Ministry
Purpose: Provides spiritual support to incarcerated men, women and their families. Conduct annual "Project Angel Tree" during Christmas. Provides summer mentoring and tutoring program for kids. Correspond with members and friends of Saint Philip who are incarcerated.

Unit Five: Family/Teen Ministry
Purpose: Assist and educate youth in obtaining resource information regarding risks and responsibilities. Acts as a liaison between youth and parent(s). Focus on youth and family at Saint Philip A.M.E. Church, the community and others organizations

Unit Six: Homeless Shelter
Purpose: Provides a home, at no cost, to eligible families experiencing a housing emergency. Visit shelters in the city and provide self-help workshops, provide various community service project.

Unit Seven: Battered Women
Purpose: Meet once a week for two hours to counsel battered women and abused children and is strictly confidential.

Unit Eight: Young People Division
Purpose: Coordinate young people ages 2-26 interaction with the WMS., other youth at the church and correspond with college YPDers.

Unit Nine: AIDS Help Ministry
Purpose: Provides a place at the church for AIDS patients to pick up needed health provisions. Educate and stop myths about AIDS patients.

Unit Ten: Food Bank
Purpose: Provides food for those who are in need.

Unit Eleven: Male Auxiliary
Purpose: Works with all units to assist in feeding the hungry, clothing the naked, providing shelter to the homeless and mentoring the YPDers.