Lay Organization

The Lay Organization of the African Methodist Episcopal Church is one of the newest organizations to be formed in relation to the church's two hundred plus years existence. Originally known as the Laymen's Missionary Movement, the organization was formed at the General Conference in Kansas City, Missouri in 1912. At that time the organization did not keep official records in which would later serve as reference material.

The main objectives of the Lay Organization are:

1. To create a love and appreciation of the history, tradition and principles of African Methodism.

2. To keep forever alive the sacred memory of Richard Allen, our founder.

3. To advocate respect and loyalty to constituted authority.

4. To encourage, stimulate and educate the laity in the history, development, and organic laws of African Methodist.

5. To encourage the duty to support the total program of the church in the local congregation in the community, and throughout the connection.

6. To foster a systematic and regular study of the Discipline of the A.M.E. Church disseminated among the laity, and with further purposes of encouraging lay members to participate more largely in the general functioning and supervision of the A.M.E. Church

7. To foster influence and support to all constructive and progressive legislation for the church.

8. To provide for greater integration and recognition in the A.M.E. Church. Promote open new areas of service, increase the circulation of church papers, provide better support for the churches and the ministries, provide for the orderly training of laymen for effective service, and promote the smith fellowship of laymen throughout the Connection.

The Lay Organization meets on the first Tuesday of each month at 7:00 PM