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Class Leaders

The Class Leader Organization is comprised of Class Leaders who are to nurture, care, and provide spiritual support and guidance to the members of the church. Class Leaders are chosen, and the call is to serve. Class Leaders help the pastor serve, as they are the Under-Shepherd of the flock, which extends to fulfilling the mission of Jesus Christ in preparing for God’s Kingdom.

A Class Leader is:

  • Appointed by the pastor once the Class Leader requirements are met.
  • The interface between the ministerial staff and the members of the church.
  • To communicate regularly with their class members by phone, letter, email, visits or social gatherings.
  • To provide advice, guidance and counsel and be a listening ear to their concerns and or issues of their class members.
  • A part of the spiritual support structure of the church.
  • A Class Leader signs and recommits annually to being a Class Leader.
  • A class is usually composed of twelve or more persons.

Class Leaders meet at 7:00PM on the first Monday of each month, nine out of 12 months of the year.